Discover the Top 5 Epsom Salts for Your Most Relaxing Bath Yet!

Discover the Top 5 Epsom Salts for Your Most Relaxing Bath Yet!

Epsom Salt, also known as magnesium sulfate, has been a popular remedy for centuries due to its numerous health benefits. It is a naturally occurring mineral compound that can be easily found in drugstores or online shops. Many people use Epsom Salt to relieve pain, reduce inflammation and promote relaxation.

In this post, we will share our top five favorite Epsom Salts and discuss their unique benefits. We will also provide you with some fantastic tips on how to use Epsom Salt effectively to relax and unwind after a long day. If you’re looking for an affordable and natural way to improve your well-being, keep reading for all the useful information about Epsom Salt. 

What is an Epsom salt bath?

Epsom salt has been used for centuries as a natural remedy for various ailments. The most popular way to use it is by dissolving it in a warm bath, which helps the body to absorb its therapeutic properties. Epsom salt gets its name from the town of Epsom in England, where it was first discovered in the 17th century.

Magnesium is one of the key components of Epsom salt and plays a vital role in our body’s functioning. It helps regulate muscle and nerve function, blood sugar levels, and blood pressure. However, many people may not be getting enough magnesium through their diet alone. This is where taking an Epsom salt bath can help boost your magnesium levels.

The sulfate in Epsom salt also offers some health benefits. It aids in detoxification by flushing out toxins from the body, improving digestion, and reducing inflammation.

What are Epsom salt baths good for?

Epsom salts have been a popular remedy for centuries. They are made up of magnesium sulfate, which can be absorbed through the skin. One of the most commonly cited benefits of Epsom salt is its ability to ease muscle soreness and reduce delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS). This makes it a popular choice for athletes and those who engage in strenuous physical activity. 

But the benefits don’t stop there. Epsom salt has also been shown to help with bruises, swelling, and inflammation. It can even help reduce pain associated with arthritis and fibromyalgia. For those with skin conditions like eczema and psoriasis, soaking in an Epsom salt bath may provide relief from itching and inflammation. Additionally, studies suggest that Epsom salt may be helpful in reducing stress and anxiety levels, as well as alleviating headaches.

How To Use Epsom Salt?

Epsom salt, also known as magnesium sulfate, is a popular remedy for different ailments. It is often used for soaking sore muscles, reducing inflammation, and improving sleep quality. But how exactly do you use it? 

For Bathing:

Epsom salt is a natural mineral compound made up of magnesium and sulfate. When added to warm water in your bathtub, Epsom salt can help relax tense muscles, reduce inflammation and swelling, improve circulation, and promote overall relaxation.

To take an Epsom salt bath, simply pour 1-2 cups of Epsom salt into warm water in your bathtub. Soak your body in the bath for around 15 to 30 minutes or up to 1 hour as per your requirement. While soaking in the bath, you can also add a few drops of essential oils like lavender or rose essential oil for more comfort and relaxation benefits. The soothing aroma of these oils can help calm your mind and promote deeper relaxation during the bath experience.

For Skin and Hair Nourishment:

One of the most popular ways to use Epsom salt is as a skin scrub. Mixing it with your facial wash can help exfoliate dead skin cells while nourishing your skin. Gently massage your face for a few seconds before washing off with water. Your skin will feel soft, smooth, and refreshed after just one use! You can also add Epsom salt to your hair conditioner for added volume and shine.

For those who suffer from foot pain or inflammation, soaking your feet in warm water mixed with Epsom salt can provide relief by reducing swelling and promoting relaxation.

Top 5 Epsom Salts for Your Most Relaxing Bath

From sore muscles to achy joints, it can be tough to find relief from the wear and tear of your workouts. That’s where Epsom salt comes in. But with so many Epsom salt products on the market, how do you know which ones are worth trying? We’ve done the research for you and hand-picked some of our favorite options. From bath bombs to soaking salts, these products are easy to use and effective at relieving muscle pain.

Asutra Magnesium Chloride Bath Flakes

Asutra Magnesium Chloride Bath Flakes


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Product Description

As athletes, pro players are no strangers to sore muscles and aches. They push their bodies to the limit during games and training sessions, resulting in muscle fatigue and inflammation. That’s why when Austa, co-owned by tennis legend Venus Williams, released its bath flakes, it was instantly embraced by athletes around the world.

These flakes contain pure magnesium sourced from the Zechstein Sea in the Netherlands. This makes it one of the most natural and effective sources of magnesium available today. Magnesium is a natural muscle relaxant that helps ease soreness and promotes faster recovery after workouts or intense physical activity. The flakes get absorbed quickly into the skin for fast relief without any synthetic chemicals or artificial fragrances.

Apart from providing much-needed relief to sore muscles, these bath flakes are also ideal for relaxation purposes. Magnesium has been proven to help reduce stress levels while promoting better sleep quality.

  • Dissolves quickly, making it convenient to use.
  • Free from artificial fragrances and colors, making it suitable for those with sensitive skin.
  • Avoids the use of potentially harmful chemicals.
  • Can be used for a variety of purposes, such as cleaning or personal care.
  • May be more effective than traditional cleaning products.
  • Pricey compared to other cleaning products on the market.
  • Limited availability in certain regions may make it difficult to purchase.
  • Some people may not find the natural scent appealing.
LATHER Muscle Ease Bath Salts

LATHER Muscle Ease Bath Salts


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Product Description

If you’re looking for a relaxing and therapeutic way to ease muscle pain, look no further than this powerful combination of Epsom salt, sea salt, and Himalayan pink sea salt. This product is specially designed to provide instant relief for sore muscles and joints, helping you feel more relaxed and comfortable in no time.

What makes this product truly special is the addition of aromatic essential oils. These oils have been carefully selected to help soothe your mind as well as your body, providing a holistic approach to pain relief. By adding just two heaping tablespoons of this powerful blend to your warm water bath, you can experience all the benefits firsthand.

Whether you’re an athlete recovering from a tough workout or simply someone who experiences regular muscle tension and soreness, this product can make a real difference in how you feel. So why wait?

  • The product contains a blend of essential oils which can offer additional benefits to the skin.
  • It helps relieve tight and itchy skin, making it a great option for people with sensitive skin.
  • The scent is mild, making it suitable for those who are sensitive to strong fragrances.
  • It may provide long-lasting moisturization to the skin.
  • The product is easy to apply and absorbs quickly into the skin.
  • The product can be expensive compared to other similar products on the market.
  • It may not be suitable for all skin types, particularly those with extremely oily skin.
  • Some users may find the scent unpleasant.
Dr. Teal’s Foaming Bath with Pure Epsom Salt

Dr. Teal’s Foaming Bath with Pure Epsom Salt


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Product Description

Dr Teal’s foaming bath with pure Epsom salt is the perfect way to turn your home bath into a luxurious spa experience. This product contains salts like magnesium sulfate USP and premium quality essential oils, which work together to relax your body and soothe your senses. The benefits of this Epsom salt bath for sore muscles are well known, but it also has other uses beyond muscle relief.

One of the key ingredients in this formula is lavender oil, which is renowned for its calming properties and ability to promote restful sleep. Whether you’re dealing with stress or simply want to create a peaceful environment before bed, adding Dr. Teal’s foaming bath with pure Epsom salt to your routine can help you achieve relaxation and rejuvenation. And since it nourishes skin while providing an amazing spa-like experience, it’s perfect for those who want to take care of themselves from head to toe.

  • The product is easy to use, making it user-friendly for all.
  • It is cruelty-free, ensuring that no animals are harmed during the production of the product.
  • It is vegan-friendly, catering to those who follow a vegan lifestyle and have ethical concerns about animal-based products.
  • The absence of parabens makes it safe for people with sensitive skin who may be allergic to these chemicals.
  • It requires a generous amount of the product for a bubble bath, which can lead to faster depletion and more frequent purchases.
  • The price may be higher compared to other similar products in the market due to its cruelty-free and vegan nature.
Solimo Solimo Epsom Salt, Eucalyptus

Solimo Solimo Epsom Salt, Eucalyptus


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Product Description

Epsom salt has long been hailed for its therapeutic properties, and it’s no wonder why. This humble compound is made up of magnesium sulfate, which has been shown to help relieve muscle tension, promote relaxation, and even improve sleep quality. If you’re in the market for a high-quality Epsom salt soak that can deliver these benefits and more, look no further than this top-rated option.

This particular Epsom salt soak is infused with gentle eucalyptus-scented crystals that will leave your skin feeling soft and refreshed after each use. The scent is invigorating yet soothing, making it the perfect addition to any bath-time routine. Plus, with a generous 3-pound resealable bag that’s great for storing under the bathroom sink or in your gym bag, you’ll never be without this luxurious soak when you need it most.

  • Relaxes tired muscles: The use of this product can help ease muscle fatigue and tension.
  • Great for congestion: It can help alleviate stuffy noses and sinus pressure.
  • Provides a sense of calmness: The scent and ingredients in the product may promote relaxation.
  • Easy to use: Simply apply or inhale the product for quick relief.
  • Some users dislike the scent: While some find the aroma pleasant, others may not enjoy it.
  • Potential allergies or sensitivities: Certain ingredients in the product may cause an allergic reaction or irritation for some individuals.
Tree Hut Moisturizing Epsom Salt

Tree Hut Moisturizing Epsom Salt


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Product Description

Looking for an affordable way to pamper your skin after a long day? Look no further than Tree Hut Epsom Salt. Priced at under $10, this luxurious product is perfect for those who want to indulge in some self-care without breaking the bank. And with its combination of high-quality ingredients, you won’t have to sacrifice quality for affordability.

One of the key ingredients in Tree Hut Epsom Salt is natural shea butter, which is known for its moisturizing properties. Shea butter can help soothe dry and irritated skin, leaving it feeling soft and supple. Additionally, coconut extract adds a delightful tropical scent that will transport you to paradise with every use.

But perhaps the star of the show is magnesium sulfate – more commonly known as Epsom salt – which has been used for centuries as a natural remedy for sore muscles and stress relief.

  • Moisturizes skin effectively.
  • Features a pleasant tropical scent.
  • Contains nourishing oils that help improve skin texture.
  • Absorbs quickly, without leaving any greasy residue.
  • Suitable for all skin types.
  • Contains fragrance that may cause irritation or allergies to some users.
  • The scent may not be appealing to everyone.

How To Choose The Best Epsom Salt?

Epsom salt has been used for centuries to treat a number of ailments, such as muscle pains, inflammation, and even stress. However, not all Epsom salts are created equal and choosing the right one can make all the difference in obtaining maximum benefits. Here are some tips on how to choose the best Epsom salt based on your needs.

For Reducing Stress and Promoting Good Sleep
Epsom salts infused with essential oils like lavender and eucalyptus are your best bet. These two oils are well-known for their soothing properties that help reduce stress and anxiety, which can interfere with getting a good night’s rest. By soaking in a warm bath containing these salts, you’ll be able to relax your mind and body, making it easier to fall asleep.

For Sore Muscles

Epsom salt is a popular remedy for muscle aches and pains, as it contains magnesium sulfate that helps reduce inflammation and soreness. However, choosing the right brand of Epsom salt can make all the difference in your experience. Two great options to try are Epsoak Epsom salt and Solimo Epsom salt.

Epsoak Epsom salt is made with high-quality magnesium sulfate crystals that dissolve quickly in warm water. This ensures that you can enjoy its therapeutic benefits within minutes of soaking in your bath.

For Skin Care
Taking a salt bath is an excellent way to relax and rejuvenate the body, and it’s even better when you can take care of your skin at the same time. Choosing products that contain shea butter or aloe vera can provide a moisturizing effect while cleansing your skin. These two ingredients have been used for centuries in skincare routines due to their beneficial properties.

For Detox
Epsom salts have been used for centuries as a natural remedy to detoxify the body. It is known to draw out toxins, improve circulation and soothe sore muscles. Epsom salt is made up of magnesium and sulfate which are essential minerals that our body needs for many functions.
Better Bath and Better Body’s Ginger and Lemon Epsom Salt is an ideal product for deep detoxing. Ginger has anti-inflammatory properties that can help reduce inflammation in the body, while lemon has antioxidants that can help flush out toxins from your system. This combination provides a powerful detoxifying effect on the body.

For Foot Soak
Tea tree oil, also known as melaleuca oil, is extracted from the leaves of the tea tree plant which is native to Australia. The oil has been used for centuries by indigenous people due to its potent antifungal and antibacterial properties. Tea tree oil has gained popularity in recent years due to its effectiveness in treating foot odor and fungal issues.


Epsom salt is a popular remedy for many ailments, including muscle soreness and stress relief. Epsom salt is categorized into two distinct grades, namely USP Grade and Technical Grade, despite the various terms used to describe its quality. The United States Pharmaceutical Grade (USP) is the highest quality grade available and is often also referred to as Food Grade.

All Epsom salt contains the same chemical composition of magnesium sulfate, but there are different methods of manufacturing and packaging it. Some Epsom salt brands may add fragrances or other additives to their products for aesthetic purposes. However, the purest form of Epsom salt contains no additional ingredients and is best suited for therapeutic use. 

Different grades of Epsom salt exist for different applications such as agricultural use or human consumption. The agricultural grade may contain impurities that make it unsuitable for human use but ideal for soil amendments on farms.

Ultra Epsom Salt is a premium quality, pharmaceutical-grade product that is widely regarded as the best Epsom salt available on the market today. This highly purified and refined magnesium sulfate compound is exclusively produced by Salt Works, a leading manufacturer of natural sea salts and bath products.


Epsom Salt is a versatile and affordable way to relax and unwind. Our top five favorite brands not only offer a variety of benefits but are also readily available at most drugstores. Whether you’re looking to soothe sore muscles, improve sleep, or just take a relaxing bath, Epsom Salt is an excellent addition to your self-care routine. Remember to follow our tips for the best experience and enjoy the many benefits this natural mineral has to offer. So go ahead and give it a try today!

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