How to Compare Mattresses Between Airbed vs Memory Foam

Airbed v/s Memory foam

Most people will tell you that a good night’s sleep is key to feeling your best, but what if you’re not getting quality sleep because of your mattress? In recent years, airbeds and memory foam both have become increasingly popular. But which one is right for you- an airbed vs memory foam mattress? We’ll answer this question in this blog.

Airbed and Memory Foam

What Is An Airbed?

An airbed, also known as an inflatable mattress, is a lightweight and portable bed that can be inflated to provide full-size support. The most common material for these mattresses comprises rubber or a particular type of urethane plastic, which is inflated as a full-size bed.

Air mattresses are usually made from a material called PVC, which stands for polymer-vinyl chloride, is more commonly known as just “plastic” and can be found in everything from lawn chairs to soft drinks bottles. That said, though – air mattress PVC isn’t what makes these inflatable beds so comfortable. It’s their special construction that allows them to be softer on your body than regular old plastic pipes. It also helps prevent punctures when you’re sleeping rough outdoors.

Memory Foam

What Is A Memory Foam?

A memory foam mattress combines a layer of memory foam with springs or support-molding it to the shape of your body. The heat from our bodies softens and molds this material, providing remarkable comfort. Along with that, it provides support during sleep in any position imaginable without losing its resilience.

Memory foam was first created for NASA’s space capsules. Developed to combat the extreme pressure that astronauts faced when exiting and entering Earth’s atmosphere, memory foams benefits can be seen in mattresses all around us. It will never go flat or lose shape over time like other materials might. This means you’ll get more uses out of your purchase while saving money by not having replaced them so often. If you have trouble sleeping, try adding a layer of memory-foam comfort under your sheets tonight and you will notice the difference.

Comparison Between Pros & Cons Of Airbed And Memory Foam


Memory foam is made with polyurethane foam and vicous foam. The mattress counters a sleeper’s body shape and returns to its original shape once the sleeper is out of the bed. It distributes the weight of the sleeper evenly throughout the mattress. This helps in relieving pressure on pressure points. 

The airbed has adjustable air chambers inside. The sleeper can adjust the firmness of the mattress by adjusting the amount of air. There are two types of chambers used, one is single chamber type another is multi-chamber type. Multi-chamber type airbeds give better support to the sleeper’s body. They are inflated with the help of an electric pump. 


There are sleepers who are sensitive to noise. Their sleep gets interrupted even with a small amount of noise. Memory foam is the best option for such people as they are noise-free mattresses. Whereas airbed generates a paltry amount of noise. 


Memory foam makes an imprint of the sleeper’s body because of which it does not lose supportiveness at any point. Airbed does not provide as much support as memory foam because it does not make an imprint of the sleeper’s body. 


If you like to sleep on warmer surfaces, memory foam is the perfect option because it absorbs heat. Airbeds regulate their temperature moderately. 

Motion isolation

Motion transfer in memory foam does not take place because foam counters the sleeper’s body. Whereas in airbeds, there is significant motion transparency, especially in single-chamber airbeds. 


An airbed leaks air frequently, so it has to be refilled every time to achieve your desired firmness. The internal parts of it frequently prevent mildew. Other parts of airbeds like hoses, seals, and pumps also need to be replaced occasionally. Memory foam does not require much maintenance it has to be flipped over every six months and regular vacuuming to avoid bacterial development inside the mattress. 


Memory foam has a life span of 8-10 years. This increases if the foam is denser and decreases if the foam is lighter. Its warranty period lasts for up to 10 years and it includes the coverage against impression. Different parts of the airbed are replaceable. Therefore, they last longer than memory foam for up to 10 years. The warranty period of the airbed is 1-5 years.


For both airbed and memory foam, the cost depends upon its quality. The luxurious mattresses cost higher and the decent quality mattresses cost lower. 


Airbeds are a good option if they will be used occasionally. But if you need a mattress for regular use, memory foam will meet all your needs.  


Air mattresses are an excellent way to sleep on the ground. Their high level of adjustability makes them perfect for people who like sleeping with lots of pillows or other comfort items. As it’s easy enough to change positions without having to rearrange everything around you in your tent. The primary benefit is that air mattresses allow for a certain amount of movement while still being supportive. This can’t always happen when someone uses one type of mattress, such as memory foam.

The air inside of your airbed will gradually cool overnight. Because of this, you will experience a cooler sleep than a regular mattress.

Bed bugs can get on any type of mattress, but with an air mattress, they only have access to the surface. This is because these types are constructed differently. They do not allow for easy underneath movement as other styles might accommodate such activities without issue.

Bed bugs can get on any type of mattress, but with an air mattress, they only have access to the surface. This is because these types are constructed differently. They do not allow for easy underneath movement as other styles might accommodate such activities without issue.

If you’re camping, it’s important to protect your air mattress from dirt and damage so that it can last as long as possible. To do this, try padding the outside with Dri-Dek or other materials like foam. This will increase circulation under there while also protecting against things like thorns poking holes in its surface if placed on uneven ground.


The blog serves all the required information you need to know about the memory foam and airbed. With the help of this blog, you will make a wise decision. Contact us via call, mail, or text if you have any doubts regarding the blog.

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