Airbeds vs Foam mattress : What no one tells you!

Airbeds vs Foam mattress

It’s no secret that a good night’s sleep is important for your overall health and wellbeing. With so many options on the market, it’s difficult to decide which type of mattress is right for you. In this blog post, we’ll compare airbeds vs foam mattresses to help you make an informed decision.

Airbed and Memory Foam


An airbed, also known as an inflatable mattress, is a lightweight and portable bed that can be inflated to provide full-size support. The most common material for these mattresses comprises rubber or a particular type of urethane plastic, which is inflated as a full-size bed.

You don’t need to exhaust your energy by exercising when you have this airbed. Because it typically comes with an electric pump that pushes air into or out of bed. Since it can be compressed in size, sleeping becomes easier because of its portability and comfortability.

Types Of Airbed

Air mattresses come in all different sizes, which makes them perfect for any bed size. The twin air mattress offers the same comfort and support as a full or queen-sized counterpart with just half of the space.

Different brands offer distinct features in airbeds. There are some which provide more height, which is up to 25-inches. So if you are concerned about spiders and other creepy-crawlers on the floor you can go to such high-in-height airbeds.

Mattresses with built-in pillows and remote controllers to match your needs are available in airbeds. They have technology that automatically inflates or deflates, making the bed harder or softer for you depending on how much pressure is applied. Other features include an adjustable firmness level so users can feel ultimate comfort.

foam mattress

Foam Mattress

Polyurethane foam is the most popular material for bedding, as well as for other applications. Low-density polyurethane has been widely used by many manufacturers. It is used to create soft initial impressions that don’t last very long. But make up for this with their first impression of being appealing and comfortable at least. Higher grade materials such as higher density ones will be more resilient and able to withstand pressure from parts sinking through lower grades. Because of weight or drunkenness without feeling too soft on top, where these areas would otherwise sit above ground level instead.

Types Of Foam Mattress

Poly Foam is made from polyurethane, commonly referred to as simply “polyfoam,” is a very common ingredient in modern foam beds. Polyfoam is much more bouncy and springy than memory foam.

There are 3 types of polyfoam: regular polyfoam, high-density polyfoam, and high-resiliency polyfoam.

Regular polyfoam

They used polyfoam in most skating and surfing applications to create a smooth, flexible feel. It’s durable enough that it can be resurfaced without completely changing its properties each time you do it.


High-density polyfoam

For those who want a more firm mattress, you can opt for high-density polyfoam. This type of foam provides great support for your spine and helps with alignment because of its natural resilience. When compressed or expanded under pressure from weight transfer during sleep at night time.


High-resiliency polyfoam

A high-resiliency polyfoam is firmer and more supportive but significantly more expensive than a sponge. It’s also less common in the industry because of its costliness to produce as well with resins or other chemicals.

Comparison Of Pros & Cons Of Airbed And Foam Mattress


Foam mattresses provide excellent support to the sleeper as compared with airbeds. Air beds only have air filling inside, which does not make them as supportive as foam.


Foam mattresses have been the go-to for many years because they can bear weight and provide support. Airbeds do inflate during use because they do not have anything inside other than air. Therefore, even if you buy a superior quality airbed still a normal foam mattress will have a better quality than an airbed. 


Both the mattresses hug the sleeper’s body very nicely. But foam gives a denser feeling. 

Motion isolation

Foams are excellent for motion isolation whereas airbeds do transfer motion significantly. The denser airbeds do block motion to some extent. 

Pain relief

Foam beds cannot be beaten in the point of pain relief they are considered to be the best mattresses for patients suffering from joint pain, back pain, etc. Airbeds also provide pain relief but not much significantly. 


Airbeds do provide a decent amount of bounce and responsiveness. While foams do not provide any bounce. 


Foam mattresses trap heat so if you are someone who likes to sleep warm they are best for you. This can be a problem during hot weather. Whereas the air beds provide a regulated temperature that is neither too hot nor too cold. 


Airbeds do create some amount of noise, this is a moderate amount but some people complain about the noise. Whereas the foam does not generate any sort of noise.  


A foam mattress is very simple to assemble. It has to be removed from the cover and needs to be placed in its place. The mattress will automatically take its shape in 2-3 days and will be ready to use. Assembling an air bed can be a tedious task if you don’t have an electric pump. With an electric pump, you can assemble it in just 2-3 minutes but with a manual pump, it takes about 30-60 minutes to assemble an air bed. 


An air bed needs very little maintenance. You just need to keep a check on if it is sagging or not and mistakenly if you spill something on it you can simply wipe it off. For a foam mattress, you need to vacuum it every day to ensure there is no bacteria development in the mattress. It is recommended to apply a waterproof cover on a foam mattress to avoid any liquid entering the mattress.


A foam mattress has a shelf life of about 8-10 years with proper maintenance. While a superior quality air bed can last up to 10-15 years with occasional use and proper care.


The cost of an air bed differs upon its features between $50 to $500. In addition to that if the pump is not available with the mattress you will have to buy one on your own. The foam mattresses are available in various price ranges with various features you can choose that fit your budget and needs at the same time.    


Sleep on an inflatable mattress for too long and you could end up in pain. Sleep isn’t just about getting hours of relaxation, it also helps keep our bodies aligned which keeps us healthy.

A well-rested person has better posture as well as improved muscle tone. This means less strain on joints throughout the day due to improper movement caused by bad alignment when sleeping upright without proper spinal support.

Keep your airbed away from hazardous materials like stairs, windows, and sharp objects. Never jump on the airbed or walk around while standing because it can cause an explosion.

When you overfill an air mattress, the seams within it are put under more strain than they can handle. They’re likely to break when this happens and cause a leak that could ruin your night’s sleep.

Foam mattresses are a great way to get the most comfortable and supportive sleep possible, which can help improve your health. Memory foams have been proven safe for use night after night without any harmful chemicals leaching into their surface or being released during everyday activities like washing clothes on delicate cycles with hot water.


In this blog, we have given comparative information on an airbed vs foam mattress. This blog will help you make a decision between them. If you still have any queries regarding them, you can contact us through call or mail.

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