Memory Foam Mattress vs Coil Mattress: Know it all!

Memory Foam Mattress vs Coil Mattress

Overview Of Memory Foam Mattress vs Coil Mattress

When you are looking for a new mattress, there is so much to consider. Do you want one that is firm? Soft? A combination of the two? What about how it should support your body? And disperse weight across the surface of the bed to prevent back pain or other issues from developing over time? With all these factors to think about, comparing memory foam mattress vs coil mattress can feel overwhelming. Which type of mattress is best for you depend on several factors, such as what you will use for sleeping or just lounging, budget, and preference. Let’s look at some pros and cons of each option before we explore our top picks in more detail.

Memory Foam Mattress

Memory Foam Mattress

memory foam mattress combines a layer of memory foam with springs or support-molding it to the shape of your body. The heat from our bodies softens and molds this material, providing remarkable comfort. Along with that, it provides support during sleep in any position imaginable without losing its resilience.

Memory foam was first created for NASA’s space capsules. Developed to combat the extreme pressure that astronauts faced when exiting and entering Earth’s atmosphere, memory foams benefits can be seen in mattresses all around us. It will never go flat or lose shape over time like other materials might. This means you’ll get more uses out of your purchase while saving money by not having replaced them so often. If you have trouble sleeping, try adding a layer of memory-foam comfort under your sheets tonight and you will notice the difference.


memory foam mattress comprises a polymer called polyurethane, which is found in many places throughout our lives. Polymers are substances with large molecules made up of many small pieces bonded together. This can be found all around us, including on sofas or mattresses. Products such as insulation for homes might use elastomers too. They have elastomer properties. 

The viscosity and elasticity of a material affect how well it keeps the memory. Memory foam is known for its “viscous” properties, which change its shape slowly when pressure or force has been applied to one point. We can see this as one way that these qualities help your body’s natural support system stay comfortable all night long.

World-renowned for its therapeutic benefits, memory foam is an innovative product with many uses. Its primary use in the medical field is to help ease pain and discomfort from various conditions, such as chronic back or hip problems. It can also provide support where you need it most on your bed. This type of viscoelastic material contains polyether polyol, which gives elasticity and shear while still maintaining firmness throughout distinct positions.


Memory foam mattresses provide you with ultimate comfort and care while sleeping. The memory layer provides a personalized feel, relieving pressure on your body during sleep for better health overall.

  • Support & comfort

The Memory Foam Mattress is a significant investment for those suffering from back pain or discomfort. It features advanced memory cells that mold to your body, providing high-level spinal alignment and targeted support so you can wake up feeling refreshed after a long day at work.

  • Motion isolation

Memory foam mattresses provide a great option for people who often get woken up by their partner tossing and turning. With memory foam, you will never have that problem again because it’s designed with an exclusive sleeping zone created just for your body. The contouring properties of the mattress also keep motion from disrupting any peace or sleep time enjoyment.

  • Pressure-relief 

A memory foam mattress is a perfect choice for those who suffer from pain or discomfort. It will reduce pressure on heavy parts of your body, relieving aches and promoting healthier blood circulation throughout your sleep cycle.

  • Dust and mite resistance

A memory foam mattress features a visco-elastic structure that can’t be penetrated by dust mites. Your body will experience cleaner air because of the lack of allergens and better quality sleep, meaning you’ll have fewer allergic symptoms.


  • Odor

The problem with a disagreeable odor from mattresses has been reported by some customers. The cause can be prevented if you air your mattress often enough, and the best way to do this is by opening up all of those zipped-up seams.

  • Heat

The memory foam mattress is hotter than other types of mattresses. The reason for this is the mattress cradles your body due to which it keeps heat. In hotter climates, the mattress becomes softer than usual, and in cooler climates, it becomes harder because of the heat it generates.

  • Weight 

The memory foam mattresses are heavier because of the dense foam they contain. This makes it difficult to move the mattress.


There are 3 types of memory foam mattresses.

  • Traditional

The original “classical” memory foam was the first of its kind to enter the market for consumer use. This type is engineered with specific features that make it mold your body. There are some drawbacks to using this product- one being how warm you can end up sleeping on top of them solely because of retaining heat inside their structure. The other types were created when people wanted an alternative solution than just having something work or breaking down after a while. These new advancements aim to give needed solutions without compromising comfort.

  • Open-cell

Open-cell memory foam mattresses are becoming more popular than their traditional counterparts because they offer better ventilation and support. Open cells allow air to flow throughout the mattress. Which helps keep it cool as well as dissipate heat that may build up during sleep sessions. The initial problem with this type of material was that its density made it feel much softer than other types on hand. While new production techniques have been developed so you can get just enough firmness while still enjoying all those benefits from the open cell structure.

  • Gel 

Mattresses that use gels have additional features like pockets of air or gel. These form to the body’s temperature and comfort level as you sleep on them. Thanks to it in part because of their phase-changing materials for absorbing heat from surfaces by releasing it during warmer periods, then trapping warmth deeper within via conduction/radiation. When it gets cool out again there’s no need anymore, just get up and take a blanket. These types of mattresses can last 8+ years with proper care.


The durability of a memory foam mattress can vary depending on different factors. For example, the quality and how well you take care of your bed affect its longevity. Seven years is suggested by National Bed Federation as an average lifespan, but this number could be lengthened with proper maintenance practices.

A mattress is a great investment for your home. It’s important to take care of them so they last as long and provide the most comfort possible, but it can be difficult with all those seams. They designed it with quality materials that will protect against any allergens or other particles. While also being easy on sensitive skin because everyone deserves the peace of mind at night.


Memory foam mattresses are more expensive material than other types, and it can be especially costly to get the top-of-the-line. In fact, if you’re willing to buy into this level of comfort with excellent durability, then there’s no going back.

In time, as consumers invest both their money AND time on these products, prices should fall over long periods. But even today rates still make for an uncomfortable sleep coupled with durable quality. 

Coil Mattress

Coil Mattress

Coil mattresses have been around for a long time, and they still maintain their popularity. The design of the coils inside has helped them to be one of the most popular types over many decades. As it provides responsive comfort when you move or change your position on this springy bedding material from metal rods through layers with padding at either end. This makes up the most entire surface area. So changes in weight register quickly, making coiling feel is more like sleeping beside someone else who moves lightly all night long.


coil mattress is made from metal or a composite containing coils. These are placed inside fabric sheaths that can be wrapped around them. This creates individualized surface tension for each person’s weight preferences, comfort ratings on specific pressure points. Example back pain relief techniques known as “trigger zones”. Which correspond to certain natural positions when sleeping like side, stomach, and spinal decompression.

Springs for mattresses can be found in a variety of shapes and sizes. There’s the traditional goose-necked mattress, which has coils that are wrapped individually around its base to provide support where needed most during sleep time. Then there is the hourglass shape type with open cells filled only by air. These types tend not to hold as much weight before giving way entirely under pressure from lying down too extensively on one spot at once.


  • Temperature 

The coil mattress provides a cooling sleep and minimal generates the least amount of heat.

  • Bounce

It provides the bouncy effect of spring which most people expect from a mattress.

  • Affordability 

It is one of the most affordable mattresses in the market with utmost comfort.


  • Pressure & support 

The coil mattress does not provide enough support to the key pressure points. Along with years passes, the support that the mattress provides reduces because of the springs. 

  • Noise & motion 

Coil mattresses are noisy because they have metal springs inside. Because of this, it does not provide motion isolation


Mattresses have been around for centuries and the design of a coil mattress is no different. There are 3 styles to choose from, with one being better than others depending on your sleeping preferences or needs.

  • Open coil 

A standard type of coil is open. The coils are placed in the mattress, so there isn’t additional housing. So they’re usually pretty responsive.

  • Pocket coil

Pocket coils are placed in small compartments and offer a firmness that an open coil does not provide.

  • Continuous coil

Continuous coils are another option. Unlike the open coil mattress style, continuous coils connect to one another for a more firm feel and support that lasts all night long.

The type of coil you need will vary based on your specific needs.


A coil mattress usually lasts for 10 or more years if it’s a high-quality product. It is suggested by experts to replace your mattress every 8 years. The lifespan of this type is like many other styles, including innerspring models, which can last for about 15 years. Sometimes, even longer with proper care and maintenance. 

Springs are often an overlooked component in mattresses, but they can make a big difference. Springs provide support for your body while you sleep and help maintain that soft feel against the skin. The coils on each individual side of this mattress will age at different rates depending on their quality. Some could lose tension more quickly than others.

Rotating your mattress can help you avoid having some of its springs sag. A wrapped spring, which is the kind typically found in mattresses and bed frames. For this reason alone should be turned regularly to keep everything even-aged from year’s end till next one starts.

With so many springs making up a mattress, it is important to have high-quality fabric wrap around them. If the wrapping is of inferior quality or if there’s too much tension on any one spring, causing it to break through its enclosure. This can happen when people turn over in their sleep, then you’re bound for trouble. The best way around this problem is to invest time in selecting superior materials to ensure your investment lasts longer than expected.


The price of a mattress can vary depending on the number and type of coils in it. Hybrid mattresses fall below $100, while quality mid-range models usually cost around $500 or more per pair. Though not always true for individually wrapped spring beds. Which may have different coil counts dependent upon what you’re looking for supportive and responsive. A premium model could be anywhere from 300+/-$ up.

A high-end hybrid mattress can cost more than $2,000. The features that make these options worth the expense include premium materials for their coils. A surface with memory foam and other luxury amenities, such as individually wrapped comfort systems made from hundreds of layers to ensure optimal support in all areas of your body’s weight distribution curve.


Now that you know all the merits and demerits of both memory foam mattresses and coil mattresses, you can select the best type suitable for you. If you require more warmth, more support, relief of pressure points, and lastly if you are comfortable with a heavy weighing mattress, then memory foam is for you. Whereas if you need a cooling effect, less support, bounce, and can bear the noise that coil mattresses have, then you can go for a coil mattress.


Pocketed coils are often used in high-end beds, and provide targeted pressure relief by distributing weight differently than other types. They also have a more buoyant feel overall because they’re designed with pockets that flex under soft pressure but support firmness when needed most – which can be helpful for people who experience back pain or discomfort while sleeping on their side.

An important comparison to make is the bounce of spring beds versus memory foam. Memory Foam has more responsiveness, so it will mold quickly and stay in place when you change positions. However, with a little extra give from springs, this same comfort can be achieved too. Bounce makes up part of what we consider Comfort Global ratings. Mattresses that provide responsive support while still being soft enough not to feel like concrete under your feet.

If you’re looking for the best mattress to help ease your back pain, memory foam and latex are often considered top choices. These mattresses give us pain relief when we lie on them with proper support at pressure points. They keep us aligned so we don’t get hurt further down into other parts of the body, like hip or knee joints. It may be damaged as a result of these troubles from an improper sleeping position over a long period of time.


In this article, we have presented a comparative study of memory foam mattresses and coil mattresses. This will surely help you choose a perfectly suitable mattress for yourself.


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