What Is an Innerspring Mattress? : Ultimate Guide

What Is an Innerspring Mattress? : Ultimate Guide

In the past, a mattress was considered the most important part of a bed, as it was the one that provided comfort for the entire body. However, over time, people have realized that a mattress is not the only thing that can provide comfort to the body. Today, there are many types of mattresses available, and they have been designed to provide comfort for different parts of the body. Innerspring mattresses are among those types of mattresses that are designed to provide comfort for the entire body. In this post, we will explain what an innerspring mattress is, its benefits, advantages, and disadvantages.

What Is an Innerspring Mattress?

The innerspring mattress is the most traditional type of mattress. It uses a network of interconnected metal coils in the construction. The coils are usually made of steel or aluminum, and they create small air pockets that allow the mattress to “bounce” back and forth. This characteristic makes innerspring mattresses popular among people who need a lot of motion and bounce, such as pregnant women or people with joint problems. 

Innerspring mattresses are also less likely to cause pressure points than other types of mattresses, which is why they’re often used by people who have trouble sleeping on softer mattresses.

Innerspring mattresses are one of the most popular types of mattresses in the market. They are made from coils that are in a vertical position and are surrounded by a soft, fluffy material. This combination makes them comfortable and supportive. Innerspring mattresses also tend to last longer than other types of mattresses, which is another advantage.

What Is an Innerspring Mattress Made up of?

To fully comprehend how effective and comforting an innerspring mattress is, we need to understand the various components. This includes the supporting layers, the comfort layer, and the cover.

The support layer of the innerspring mattress comprises the base layer, which acts as the mattress’s foundation. It’s the area where the metal coils that are interconnected (which we’ll be discussing in the following section) are located, which gives the innerspring mattress a bouncy feeling. The primary purpose of the support layer’s coils, which are flexible, is to aid in the alignment of the body.

Another aspect of an innerspring mattress’s comfort layer. It comprises several layers of foam on top of the core that supports it. Foams commonly utilized for this layer are memory foam and latex foam or even organic fibers. It is the same layer that supports and assists the body by reducing pressure and adapting to a person’s sleeping position.

Over this layer of comfort is the fabric cover typically made of wool, cotton, and polyester. It can also be found in knitted or quilted styles. The layer is not just designed to protect the mattress’s layers within, but it is also designed to offer the highest level of firmness and support for the body.

Types Of Innerspring Mattress

Innerspring mattress

There are several elements that are common to all innerspring mattresses. When looking at different mattresses, you should consider the type of coil in. Different coil systems produce various comfort levels in terms of firmness, comfort, and overall comfort levels when using the innerspring mattress. Based on your sleep position, body type, and sleep habits, the one you choose could be the ideal Innerspring mattress to choose for you.

Bonnell coil mattresses

These are the oldest and most basic type of mattress springs and are also referred to as “open” coils. Bonnell coils are often wired together to form a continuous unit that is shaped like an hourglass. That makes them durable, but not very good at controlling the motion transfer. Innerspring beds made with Bonnell coil are not ideal for relief of pressure points. They may enjoy resting on this type of mattress, because it’s ideal for stomach sleeping. 

Bonnell coil mattresses are best suited for children who will eventually outgrow their childhood bed because they are less durable than other types of innerspring mattresses. The mattress type is ideal for guest bedrooms as its usage will be limited to a few times a year in most cases.


Offset coil mattresses

The innerspring mattresses made from offset coils typically have moderate to soft-firm ratings. Side sleepers can benefit from offset coil mattresses since they conform well to the body’s contours and help relieve pressure points.

Similar to Bonnell coils, they are also hourglass-shaped; however, the top of the coil is offset when compressed, creating the appearance of a hinge. The hinging effect makes them more fitting to the curves of the body.


Continuous coil mattresses

Continuous coils of wire are closest to offset coils. They contain a number of rows of single wires that are shaped into the shape of circles. Although they’re long in duration, they offer much less support than other mattresses that are available.

Continuous coil mattresses are known to be among the most comfortable available and could be suitable for a stomach sleeper. They don’t offer enough support like other types of innerspring mattresses. Consider the combination of your mattress that is continuous with thick memory foam, or gel-based memory foam toppers, in order to address this issue. This will provide more comfort and support for a short time.

Pocketed coil mattresses

Pocketed coils are each enclosed in fabric, meaning they can be moved independently and form the body of the person sleeping more effectively than open coils. Since the coils aren’t linked to each other, they offer outstanding motion isolation.

This means that your partner will not feel any shifting and tossing that could occur throughout the night. The pocketed coil mattress is among the longest-lasting kinds of innerspring mattresses.

Pocketed coils in innerspring beds are available in a range of levels of comfort and are a good option for all sleeping positions. For side sleepers, it is recommended to choose the soft pocketed coil mattress. While those who sleep on their backs should choose an average-firm cushioned coil.

Features of Innerspring Mattresses

There are numerous reasons to consider an innerspring mattress instead of another kind of mattress. Here are the most significant advantages that you can reap from sleeping in an innerspring bed: 

  • Established Technology:
    There have been Innerspring mattresses available for a long time. They have been continually developed to offer maximum comfort during that time. The ways in which the springs are connected and not connected in the case of the pocketed coils have been developed. Superb support for your shoulders, hips, and knees can be found in the mattresses developed by these developments.


  • Good Ventilation:
    The mattress has easy ventilation because of the hollow space between the springs. They keep you cooler than regular foam or memory foam mattresses.


  • High Durability:
    Today’s steel springs are very durable and will last a long time. The shape and level of support of the Innerspring mattresses are longer than most foam mattresses. It is more likely that the comfort layers are connected than the spring structure if they are sagging. When your parents were your age, Innerspring mattresses were less strong than they are today.


  • Firmness:
    If you want a firm bed, springs can be used for various strength levels. In many cases, an innerspring bed is a better option than a hard foam bed. They are better than foam mattresses for adults because they provide support, bounce, and springiness. You should be able to make your own decision between the innerspring and foam mattresses if you compare all of the above facts. If you need motion isolation, then choose a pocketed coil spring mattress instead of a continuous coil or tied coil mattress.


  • Aging:
    As they age, innerspring mattresses are not necessarily the most comfortable to sleep on. They tend to lose their support as they get older. With long usage, springs can lose their tension and lead to back pain and joint issues. The springs may not provide the same support for your body as they should. You may find that your mattress is sagging if you have had it for more than a few years. It might be a good idea to turn it or flip it over.
Innerspring mattress

Drawbacks of Innerspring Mattresses

It’s time to look at the downside of an innerspring mattress and weigh it against the benefits. The best way to avoid regretting your mattress purchase is to know what to expect before buying it. 

No Memory Foam Support

The absence of comfort layers made of memory foam could be a disadvantage for those who prefer the comfort and feel of mattresses made of memory foam. Mattresses made of innerspring have a traditional feeling.

If you are a fan of the cooling properties or comfort of the memory foam for joint support and innerspring mattresses, then an innerspring mattress may not be the most suitable for you.

You should consider the hybrid mattress if you like the comfort of an innerspring, as well as memories foam on your mattress. Hybrid mattresses combine traditional mattress components and contemporary memory foam mattresses. They create an original blend of traditional and contemporary comfort that is with all the firmness options.

Springs Can Fail

Innerspring mattresses are at risk of breaking their springs when they are subjected to too much pressure or when they are worn out over time.

If you’re a jumping gremlin on your own, you might want to look into a mattress that does not contain an innerspring.

Lower Quality Material

The reason for this is mainly based on the high, superior quality, the top-rated mattress you want to buy. Innerspring mattresses were in use for a long time, and there are a myriad of types that are available at varying levels of quality.

Certain innerspring mattresses are made of lower-quality materials in order to reduce costs and make more profit. A mattress that is less expensive, however, won’t have the same durability as one that is made of top-quality materials.

Remember that if the cost seems too expensive to be true, it could be that you are sacrificing the quality of your mattress.

Comparison of Innerspring Mattresses with Types of Mattresses

Innerspring mattresses are the most popular type of mattress. However, there are other types of beds readily available to customers. Latex, memory foam, as well as hybrid mattresses, are becoming sought after for their high support along with their durability, comfort, and endurance. This is how innerspring mattresses compare to other kinds of beds.

Memory Foam

In contrast, innerspring mattresses don’t have a lot of sinkages, which means that you will feel as if you’re sleeping “on the top” of the mattress as opposed to “in” it. However, memory foam mattresses offer more sinkage due to the fact that they respond to pressure more slowly and conform to the shape of the sleeping person. Innerspring mattresses are ideal for sleepers who are hot as they’re less thick and have an internal coil system that helps to improve airflow. 

Contrary to memory foam, mattresses tend to overheat in the event that the manufacturer doesn’t add cooling measures like gel. Memory foam mattresses do not bounce as much as innerspring, which means they are more insulated from motion.


While both innerspring and hybrid mattresses have spring coil units. However, they possess several distinctions. The primary difference is the number of layers of comfort. Innerspring mattresses only have one thin comfort layer that is placed above that coil component, while hybrids come with several layers of foam. 

Hybrid mattresses typically include two or three comfort layers, as well as a base of foam under that coil. Hybrid beds are a good option for those who cannot choose between memory foam or innerspring beds, since this kind of bed includes both styles.


Natural latex comes from the sap of the rubber tree and it is available in two kinds: Talalay and Dunlop. The synthetic latex option is accessible to people who suffer from allergies. The most notable difference is that latex mattresses have a body-hugging, comfortable innerspring mattress that lacks. Additionally, it is biodegradable, making it the best choice for environmentally conscious consumers. Latex is invulnerable to dust mites and mold and dust mites, while the materials used for innerspring mattresses are not.

Who Should Buy an Innerspring Mattress?

An innerspring is an excellent choice for those who are combination sleepers, because the bouncy structure allows for easier moving. The mattress doesn’t encircle the body in any way, allowing you to rest “on” it instead of “in” the bed. This is a benefit for heavier people as well as those with mobility problems. They are also suitable for people who sleep hot due to their lightweight and breathable design. Those who want a firmer, more supportive mattress, like stomach sleepers as well as some back sleepers, benefit from the innerspring mattress.

Who Shouldn't Buy an Innerspring Mattress?

People who prefer body-cradling or body-conforming sensations won’t like the firmness of an Innerspring mattress.

Couples who prefer not being disturbed during the night and place a high value on motion isolation when purchasing an upgrade to their mattress might want to stay clear of Innerspring mattresses. The coil structure transfers the motion from one side of the mattress to the other and causes disturbance to the spouses.

Pressure relief provided by the Innerspring mattress is not much. Side sleepers typically appreciate the pressure and support they receive for their back and hip muscles.


Innerspring mattress designs provide a comfortable, adaptable, and supportive surface. That typically keeps sleepers cooler than many other types, most notably memory foam. In some cases, it could be ideal for those sleeping next to their partner. As they are great at providing excellent support while still being able to give you enough motion isolation. So there’s no interruption in your sleep cycle when sharing space with another person or animal.

The lifespan of innerspring beds largely depends on the number and gauge (thickness) of their springs. For this reason, it’s not realistic to make any kind of statement about how long such mattresses should last. There are several ways that coils can be incorporated into a mattress.


An innerspring mattress is a great choice for people who want a comfortable and affordable bed. It has many benefits, including being durable, supportive, and easy to move around. While it may not be the best option for all people, it is definitely worth considering if you are looking for a quality bed that will last. If you are interested in learning more about innerspring mattresses, be sure to check out our website.

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