The best & worst US cities for sleep

The best & worst US cities for sleep

A good night’s sleep is essential for your overall health and well-being, yet it’s tough to get quality sleep in today’s hectic world. Are you getting the best sleep possible? Check out this list of the best and worst U.S. cities for sleep to see how your city measures up. Whether you’re looking to move or just want to know what others are dealing with, this information can help you improve your own sleep habits. 

Factors That Affect The Quality Of Sleep

We all know how important sleep is. Statistics show that one in four Americans experience problems with their beds at some point during any year. That is why we started the research to find if certain cities were more conducive than others to a good night’s rest. We set out on this journey in order to figure out where each major city ranked based on its population size and cause-specific insomnia or restless leg syndrome due to these factors. Environmental conditions like noise pollution, extreme temperatures fluctuations such as heat waves during the summer months. People stay indoors most days because they’re too hot. Habits, including smoking cigarettes before bedtime.

Our ranking is based on 3 important factors: the quality, quantity, and timing of sleep. 

Sleep quality is determined by looking at environmental and health factors that frequently contribute to poor sleeping habits. To do this, a survey was used on how well you slept with your bedtime routines in mind. And any other concerns about noise pollution or light exposure during the day because these can contribute factors too.

In order to measure the amount of sleep that people get, data from CDC’s short sleep duration report and compared it for each city in America was used.

There are many factors that contribute to a person’s sleep loss because of insomnia. We looked at these factors, including the unemployment rate and many mentally unhealthy days people experience each month before they turn in for the night.

5 Best Cities For Sleep In Us

Here is the list of 5 US cities that ranks at the top for the best sleep

Seattle, WA

  1. Seattle, WA

Seattle is a beautiful city surrounded by water on all sides, making it one of the most sought-after destinations in the Pacific Northwest. With excellent sleep quality and snore scores to match (92% have health insurance!), and only 2% are at risk for diabetes.

The city of Seattle has the highest percentage per capita in America for having leisure time. This is due to their high quality and quantity ratings when it comes to doing sleep. As well as an extensive inventory of mental health resources available within this area, which facilitates people’s ability to maintain good wellbeing while also getting enough sleep at night-time.

San Francisco, CA

  1. San Francisco, CA

With a Walk Score rating of 3, San Francisco is one of the most walkable cities in America. It has world-class sports teams and rich history all this because the city rests well. 

San Francisco is a heaven for those who want to live healthy lifestyles. The city has an obesity rate of only 17%, diabetes rates at 9%. Besides, two-thirds or 82% report having leisure time, which allows them to sleep well enough seven hours per night.

Colorado Springs, CO

  1. Colorado Springs, CO

Colorado is a beautiful place to live, and Colorado Springs has some great places for people who love snow. The third-place ranking in this survey should not surprise you since it’s home to such things as America’s ninth-largest natural outdoor museum at Pikes Peak.

Colorado Springs is a heaven for those looking to live life with no regrets. The second highest percentage per capital (88%) and 83% report having leisure time. These are both large factors in this city’s ranking as third-best when it comes down to sleep quality. They’ve got you covered there, too.

Denver, CO

  1. Denver, CO

Mile-High City residents love their sleep, as they average 7 out of 10 snores. Sleep at a high altitude may correlate with poor subjective sleep quality, but it seems that Coloradans can still achieve good quality naps occasionally.

Denver’s residents have plenty reason to be happy about their city. In August 2021, 5.5% unemployment is proof that the people here are working hard and improving lives for themselves. As well as others in tech industries like telecoms or medical professionals, which also contribute greatly towards this robust economy. Flatland activities such as biking provide excellent opportunities while providing us with much-needed exercise. According to two factors that may contribute significantly to how well we sleep at night (78%).

Albuquerque, NM

  1. Albuquerque, NM

Albuquerque is a beautifully mild and sunny city, perfect for long summer days. But it also has one of the highest quality sleep ratings on this list! While only 67% of people in Albuquerque report sleeping seven or more hours per night (the lowest number from any city). They rate at least three good naps throughout the day, which contributes to making them feel refreshed upon waking up during your morning routine.

27% of the population here is currently classified as obese and 10 percent have diabetes, but 87% have health insurance. Additionally, 68%-69% received medical care within the last year, including checkups from doctors or dentists, respectively.

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5 Worst Cities For Sleep In Us

Here is the list of 5 US cities that ranks at the top for the worst sleep

Corpus Christi, TX

  1. Corpus Christi, TX

Corpus Christi, Texas, is a city with an interesting problem. Located on the Gulf of Mexico and home to many fishers who spend their days out at sea- Corpus Christi has some serious obesity issues. The rates are higher here than they were in other cities across America. Here there are also more Mentally Health problems that can lead to depression or anxiety disorders if left unchecked by the doctor’s attention for too long without treatment.

The instructor of psychiatry and sleep expert notes that not only can lifestyle factors influence our health but also poor sleeping patterns are linked to more problems with maintaining a healthy diet as well.

While many cities on this list have a high percentage of people at risk for obesity, the residents in Corpus Christi are especially likely to be overweight or obese. Chronic sleep deprivation has been found by scientists and physicians alike to connect with unhealthy food choices because it makes us feel tired afternoons when our bodies needs the rest most.

Los Angeles, CA

  1. Los Angeles, CA

The City of Los Angeles is a city known for its film and entertainment industry, but it also has more to offer than just that. Los Angeles comes in last place when ranking cities by the percentage who report having leisure time.

Despite the high cost of living in LA, people do not have enough leisure time. A recent study by The Washington Post found that more than half (56%) of all residents are without health insurance and only 66% report having any form at all. This ranking puts them among some rather unfortunate companies as well New York City comes first per capita but still has only 55%.

Santa Ana, CA

  1. Santa Ana, CA

Santa Ana, CA is a city that experiences many issues with sleep. Only 66% of the residents here report having had at least one doctor visit in last year, which ranks as the fourth lowest on this list and below average for the entire country. Additionally, only 57 individuals out of 1009 were seen by dental professionals during their most recent certification period. This also stands among some other alarming statistics like lacked healthcare coverage per capita 4th highest.

The third-lowest snore score and lower-than-average sleep quality rating is not an accident. This city’s residents have had their lives affected by the factors that influence both of these things. Including noise pollution from traffic outside homes or other people’s conversations in passing room’s next door, it can be tough on your rest when you’re trying to get some sleep.

Fresno, CA

  1. Fresno, CA

Tucked in the central California valley with some of the state’s hottest temperatures, Fresno residents are sleepless per capita than any other city on this list, just 60% of them get seven or more hours restful every night.

External temperatures can interfere with the body’s natural regulation of its own temperature that occurs during sleep. This leads to discomfort and disruptiveness in someone’s slumber, which is why it pays off for you (and them!) not only to keep your room at just about any comfortable level but also to be sure there aren’t too many blankets on hand.

The Fresno residents are not only suffering from drought and fire issues, but they also experience impacted sleep due to a lack of proper ventilation or AC in their homes.

Bakersfield, CA


  1. Bakersfield, CA

The lack of dental care in Bakersfield could be having a major impact on the quality and quantity of sleep locals enjoy. Only 54% visited a dentist over this past year, which may lead to more symptoms like bruxism (teeth grinding) going untreated or causing long-term health effects for those who suffer from them already.

Bakersfield, California’s unemployment rate is one of the highest at 10%. This can contribute to lower quality sleep as it increases stress levels and affects your body’s ability to relax. Also, Bakersfield’s reported having low rankings in both emotional wellness ratings and financial security. These all could be contributing factors to their inability to achieve restorative sleeping patterns.


New York City, known as the “Big Apple” and never a sleepin’ city, is a hub for many entertainments. From Broadway shows to museum admissions, there’s always something happening.

It turns out that the eastern part of our country is sleep-deprived. While people in central and western parts get on average more than seven hours a night. Hawaii gets less than 56%, but South Dakota has an astronomical 71%.

Insufficient sleep is considered a public health problem in America. In the United States, less than 7-9 hours of rest per night may lead an individual into adulthood with chronic tiredness and numerous other including mood swings or irritability before their time.


This blog post has given you a list of the five best and worst US cities for sleep. We hope this information answered your question about which cities are the most conducive to restful slumber in America. If not, we’ve also provided some important factors that affect the quality of sleep and an explanation ‌of why these places were ranked on our list. Contact us for any queries regarding the article.

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